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Aeres: Realms of the Red Planet is a gaming supplement to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system, Second Edition. This is the most current version of Aeres. There are several classes that have been finished and added, including the Swordsman, Mystic, Privateer, and Warlock. Attributes, Skills, Non-weapon proficiencies, Combat Tables, and Power Points have all been updated. There are many other minor and major changes so it is recommended that you read the critical areas of the document carefully. In order to make referencing simplier I have also added an Appendix that has all the key tables and terminology, which will allow you to have information handy for game time.
It is important to state some of the key gaming elements that have either been modified or added.
– Experience tables have been added to each individual class.
– In order showcase the addition of new non-weapon proficiencies there will be experience points given for the successful use of proficiencies and skills.
– In addition to skills, experience points will be given for successful performance of primary class abilities, exceptional feats, creative thinking, and problem solving.
– Racial abilities have been modified, and new races have been added.
– A series of standard combat maneuvers have been added and parrying has been introduced.
– Alignments should be reviewed as characters will be expected to follow their alignment.
– Talismans and Spells have been clearly delineated.

Finally, it is important to state that a great deal of thought and work has gone into the changes and additions to the game. Any editorial observations are greatly appreciated. If you have any ideas concerning systematic changes then please submit them in email and they may be considered for the next version. In the end all rulings on the game mechanics are still at the discretion of the Game Master. Thanks for gaming and I hope that you will enjoy the game as much as I have enjoyed building it.

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